Birdman is accusing Gillie Da Kid of lying about ghostwriting for Cash Money back in the day and in response, Gillie is calling Baby a coward.

Birdman Calls Out Gillie Da Kid for Lying About Ghostwriting

On Sunday (Oct. 8), Birdman joined Wack 100 for a lengthy chat on Clubhouse in which he spoke on Gillie Da Kid regarding claims the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcaster has been making for years. For the past two-plus decades, Gillie Da Kid has adamantly stated that he wrote rhymes for Lil Wayne's 2004 album, Tha Carter, but according to Birdman, it's all lies.

"I ain't never made a dollar off Gillie when he be runnin' around with all that cappin'," Birdman told Wack 100 in the clip below. "Stop all that cap-a*s talkin', n***a. You not like that. I ain't never put a record off him that made no money."

He continues: "And he for sure ain't never wrote one rhyme for Moolah."

The Cash Money Records exec then finished things off by saying he "lost all respect" for Gillie Da Kid years ago after an alleged run-in with Birdman and Beanie Sigel during which Baby claims Gillie backed down from the situation.

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Gillie Da Kid Claps Back at Birdman by Calling Him a Coward and Much More

After Gillie Da Kid caught wind of the fact that Birdman has just now decided to speak on the ghostwriting claims, the rapper-turned-podcaster responded by questioning why Birdman waited so long and met the Big Tymers spitter with some very choice words. Gillie also brazenly declared that he makes more money than the Numba One Stunna.

"My whole thing is, why Birdman wait so long to say something, man?" Gillie Da Kid begins his clap back below. "I can't even respond when you say something 25 years later. It's like, what we talking about, man? I'm bigger than Baby. Ain't that crazy? I'm bigger than that n***a right now. I generate more money than that n***a right now. I don't wanna hear that s**t. N***as is counting me out. I'm bigger than you, n***a. Shut up. Nobody give a f**k about you right now."

Gillie continued: "I've done called you a b***h-a*s n***a for 25 years. Twenty-five years later, you respond? Sit your b***h-a*s down somewhere. Shut up. It took you 25 years to get some heart to say, 'I ain't like that.' F***ing coward. You on Clubhouse at 50 talking s**t."

As for the alleged altercation with Beanie Sigel, Gillie Da Kid dismissed even the notion of the whole thing saying that Birdman "just wanted something to say."

What Else Did Birdman Say on Clubhouse With Wack 100?

Birdman's shots at Gillie Da Kid were all part of a Clubhouse session with Wack 100 that has been making headlines left and right this week. After Baby used the platform to call out Joe Budden over his current beef with Drake, Birdman also claimed that global megastar Bad Bunny is now signed to Drizzy's label, OVO Sound.

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Listen to Birdman's Clubhouse rant and watch Gillie Da Kid respond accordingly in the clips below.

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