Blueface was stabbed during his boxing workout last month and now the 911 call from the incident has surfaced online.

Gym Owner Calls 911 Following Blueface's Stabbing

On Saturday (Sept. 16), TMZ posted the audio of a harrowing 911 call made by the gym owner who witnessed Blueface getting stabbed by an unknown man during his boxing workout. In the audio clip, the gym owner, who also happens to be the rapper's trainer, is heard telling the operator that his client has been stabbed.

"He stabbed my client," he can be heard saying on the phone. "I'm with my son right now."

The 911 operator and the gym owner initially had some trouble communicating with one another. When the operator asks the gym owner if the assailant is still there at the gym, he responds, "Where? I don't know. It was just some random guy. I don't know. He's somewhere around the area."

Operator: "The patient is he awake? Is he alert?"
Gym Owner: "Yeah. He’s bleeding out of his leg. Can you guys get an ambulance ASAP?"
Operator: "Is he alert?"
Gym owner: "Yeah, he's alert."
Operator: "Apply pressure where he's bleeding from we're on the way."

Eventually, they were able to get on the same page and assist Blueface in getting the medical attention he needed.

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Blueface Gets Stabbed During Boxing Workout

In a video uploaded to his Instagram Story on Aug. 22, Blueface explained why he will not be returning to the boxing ring anytime soon. In the clip, the Los Angeles rapper is seen having a heated argument with an unidentified man in a tank top during his boxing workout. When the guy in the tank top walks away, Blue throws a few punches at him. Once he stops hitting him, the unidentified assailant hides something in his hand. That's when, according to Blueface, the man stabs him. You can watch the video below.

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Listen to the 911 Call From Blueface's Manager's Below

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