Cassie and one of Diddy's other alleged victims offer scathing responses to photos of him water rafting and flying on a private jet.

Cassie and Adria English's Attorney Respond to Diddy's Photos

On Tuesday (July 9), Cassie's attorney Douglas Wigdor shared a statement with TMZ on Cassie's behalf in response to Diddy's recent Instagram photos. The photos show Puff water rafting and boarding a private jet.

"I don't think white water rafting will prepare him for the choppy waters that lie ahead," Wigdor told the outlet.

Additionally, the attorney for Adria English, who is suing Diddy for allegedly forcing her to have sex with his guests at his parties, also issued a statement to the outlet.

"After seeing Defendant Combs white water rafting and jetting around on his personal plane, seemingly enjoying life despite all the atrocities he has caused and has been accused of by countless individuals over decades, Mrs. English is even more motivated to ensure justice prevails," English's attorney Ariel Mitchell-Kidd wrote.

XXL has reached out to Cassie's team for further comment.

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Diddy Wipes Instagram Clean

The photos of Diddy rafting and boarding a private jet have since been deleted, but they briefly were the only photos that existed on Puff's Instagram after he wiped it clean on June 20. Notably, the disgraced Bad Boy Entertainment founder deleted his public apology to Cassie that came after footage surfaced showing Diddy assaulting his ex-girlfriend back in 2016. Puff also took down the official statement he issued when various abuse and sexual assault allegations began to pop up late last year.

Diddy has continued to experience significant fallout in the wake of several lawsuits and a reported sex traficking investigation. He returned his key to the city of New York after the honor was recalled by Mayor Eric Adams, Howard Univerity also rescinded his honorary degree. Diddy Day in Miami was also revoked on June 29.

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