DaBaby is done drinking alcohol following an embarrassing moment he had while intoxicated in the presence of his daughter.

DaBaby Quits Alcohol

On Sunday night (Dec. 3), DaBaby issued a P.S.A. to his followers on Instagram, noting that he is currently abstaining from drinking liquor, and vowed their will be consequences if someone offers him a drink.

"It's official, bruh. I don’t drink no more," he told his followers in the video below. "I got my appearances. Don’t try to give me no bottles, don’t try to offer me no shot, don’t do none of that. You offer me a drink from this point forward, I’m stealing the f**k out. It’s a simple as that. We gone get to hitting immediately. So, you better not be drunk ‘cause I’m going to be sober. I’m stealing off sober."

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DaBaby Explains Why He's Abstaining From Drinking

DaBaby went on to explain the embarrassing moment that made him come to the decision to go sober.

"Context, I go pick my baby up," DaBaby explained. "I'm throwing up on 77. She beside me in her car seat talking ’bout some 'Good job.' I’m fighting for my life in that back seat and my baby talking about, 'Good job. Man, it’s embarrassing, in front of my baby. I don’t drink no more."

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See DaBaby explaining why he's done drinking alcohol after throwing up in front of his daughter below.

Watch DaBaby's Reasoning for Giving Up Drinking

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