Fans think DDG and Halle Bailey welcomed a new baby after months of pregnancy rumors.

Fans Think DDG and Halle Bailey Welcomed a New Baby

Fans of DDG and Halle Bailey are convinced that the couple have welcomed a new baby over the holidays after watching several videos of them enjoying Christmas together surfaced online. In a clip that was shared on Monday (Dec. 25), which can be viewed below, DDG and Halle are making Christmas cookies together. At one point, Halle gets up and walks away from the table very slowly. Fans interpreted this as an indication that the R&B singer may have given birth to her rumored child and is still recovering.

"She had to get up slow! She just had that baby lol I know that slow get up [tears of joy emoji]," wrote one person in the comment section of The Shade Room's video below.

Another fan typed: "Oh those are lactating mammary glands when I see them! Congratulations boo!"

For the record, it should be noted that neither DDG nor Halle have ever confirmed that they were expecting a baby.

Fans who believe that DDG and his girlfriend had a newborn were further convinced by hearing a baby's cry at the 5:46 mark in the background of a Christmas-themed YouTube video that DDG posted on Dec. 26. The Michigan's rhymer's holiday visual can be viewed below.

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When Did Halle Bailey's Pregnancy Rumors Start?

Halle's pregnancy rumors started back in August of 2023 when viewers spotted walking in the background in DDG's IG Live video with what appears to be a baby bump. In the same month, she was photographed with DDG at Fashion Week in Milan, Italy wearing a dress that covered her stomach. Last October, the singer-actress was photographed several times wearing a lot of flowy dresses, oversized hoodies and baggy sweatpants.

In November of 2023, DDG may have accidentally revealed Halle's alleged pregnant stomach in a Snapchat video.

DDG and Halle Bailey have been dating since March of 2022. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, The Little Mermaid actress called her relationship with DDG her first "real, deep love."

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Watch DDG's holiday video where fans think they heard a baby crying in the background below. Also, watch the couple's video of them making Christmas cookies together, which further convinced fans that Halle gave birth to a baby below.


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