Diddy's sexual assault accuser Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones has dropped some prominent figures from his high-profile lawsuit against the hip-hop mogul.

Lil Rod Removes Motown, UMG From Sexual Assault Suit

According to court documents obtained by XXL on Wednesday (May 15), Rodney Jones, a.k.a. Lil Rod, has removed Motown Records, Universal Music Group and its CEO Sir Lucian Grainge from his sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy.

On Monday (May 13), a judge granted the dismissal of all allegations made against Motown, UMG and Grainge with prejudice and they cannot be refiled. In Jones' initial lawsuit, the producer alleged that UMG and Sir Lucian Grainge had "aided and abetted" Diddy in his alleged sexual abuse. But Jones' attorney said that's not the case.

"Based on my examination of all of the papers submitted in support of both motions to dismiss, which addressed the issues I had, I have concluded that there is no legal basis for the claims and allegations that were made against the UMG Defendants," stated Jones' attorney Tyrone Blackburn. "As such, I have determined that the proper course of action is for all of the claims and all of the allegations to be withdrawn immediately and the Second Amended Complaint as against the UMG Defendants be dismissed with prejudice."

In April of 2024, UMG filed motions for dismissal having described the allegations made against them as entirely without merit.

Lil Rod Accuses Diddy of Harassing His Family

Since filing his bombshell lawsuit in February of 2024, Jones has accused Diddy of harassing his family.

In court documents obtained by XXL back in March, Jones has made accusations against Diddy, alleging that he engaged in harassing behavior directed towards Jones' 8-year-old daughter, the child's mother and his ex-spouses. Jones alleges, through his attorney, that the Bad Boy Entertainment founder has been reportedly dispatching agents to harass his daughter and loved ones. Moreover, Jones asserts that Diddy has also been fabricating stories about him to TMZ.

Diddy has emphatically denied all of Rodney Jones' allegations in his lawsuit.

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