DJ Envy is calling out Gunplay for illegally recording their phone call where the Rick Ross protégé threatened to slap The Breakfast Club disk jockey for bringing up Gunplay's wife's GoFundMe page on air.

The DJ Envy vs. Rick Ross drama continues for another week. This morning (May 30), DJ Envy responded to Gunplay leaking a phone call between the men where Envy apologized for recently putting Gunplay's family on blast in an attempt to take a dig at Rick Ross.

"I didn’t mention his wife and child, and I didn’t put the information about his GoFundMe, he did. I didn’t let that cat out the bag," DJ Envy said of the kitty launched to help pay for Gunplay's daughter's medical bills to address a heart defect. "He talked about it. It was something that was a story that was reported. So, I didn’t talk about any of that.

"When Gunplay called me, because he’s a friend to the room and he was upset at first, you can tell he was upset at first, I’m like 'he’s a friend.'’' So, like speaking to any friend who’s upset, so I let him go. I let him vent and afterwards we had a discussion and said 'If your wife was offended, that wasn’t my intent and I apologize.'"

However, DJ Envy took exception to Gunplay airing out their call and brought up the illegal aspect of the move.

"Another thing people gotta understand, too. And this is a side note," DJ Envy added. "It is against the law to record someone's phone conversation and not tell them. Florida is where this happened. Under Florida statute 93403, 'secretly audio recording of another individual is a third-degree felony offense, punishable up to five years in prison and a fine.' So now, district attorneys in Florida been calling me like crazy because you are not allowed to tape someone's phone call and put it out. You gotta be smarter."

Yesterday (May 29), Gunplay aired out his issue with DJ Envy by sharing the conversation that Envy assumed would be kept among them. In the phone call (below), Don Logan threatens to slap DJ Envy for bringing up his daughters' GoFundMe page on a recent episode of The Breakfast ClubGunplay reasoned he exposed the phone call because Envy did not apologize publicly fast enough.

"I knew @djenvy would renig on his word to apologize publicly and I knew I would have to do it for him I waited and waited he had all the opportunities and didn’t do it so I did it for him," Gunplay captioned the video on Instagram.

Gunplay was seemingly collateral damage in DJ Envy and Rick Ross' ongoing feud over who has the best car show. Both Envy and Rozay have taken some low blows in attempts to shade the other. Rick Ross' second annual Car and Bike Show is scheduled to take place on the rapper's The Promise Land estate in Fayetteville, Ga. on June 3. DJ Envy's Love for the Streets Car Show went down on Sunday (May 29) in Memphis.

Watch DJ Envy Call Out Gunplay for Illegally Recording Their Phone Call Below

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