DJ Envy is now mocking Rick Ross' storied past as a corrections officer as the ongoing roasting session about their respective car shows continues.

On Monday (May 22), DJ Envy used his nationally syndicated morning radio show, The Breakfast Club, as a platform to once again clown Rick Ross as the two hip-hop mainstays continue to bring the jokes to each other over which one of them has the better car show.

In the video clip below, DJ Envy can be seen entering the main studio of New York City's Power 105.1 dressed in a police officer's uniform with his belly stuffed with some clothing. As the show begins, The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne Tha God and the day's guests, Donnell Rawlings and Jess Hilarious, have some questions about DJ Envy's fit, which he graciously answered.

"I got my correction officer's outfit on," DJ Envy told his Breakfast Club co-hosts. "Friday, you know, Ross went at me for what like 10-12 hours. I could tell he was rattled. I could tell something was wrong, so I wore this today to make him feel a little more comfortable."

Envy then provided a recap of the ongoing back-and-forth between Rick Ross and himself regarding both Rick Ross' annual car show on his Promise Land property in Georgia and DJ Envy's Drive Your Dreams Car Show, which found the esteemed DJ and the Miami rapper calling each other out about everything from their physical appearances to what they each provide for the community.

DJ Envy's mockery of Rozay's history as a former correctional officer is just the latest in a lengthy series of content creations the two have aimed directly at each other over the past week. Rick Ross originally sparked the drama on a recent episode Drink Champs, which then spilled over to social media.

Envy, don't nobody build cars to come to your car show," Rozay says in the IG clip below. "Don't nobody drive from out of state to come to your car show, Envy. Da Beige Rage. You see? But make sure them people got everything they need, Envy. And Memphis, y’all better hold Envy to it."

He adds: "Bow down, Envy. Bow down, beige boy. You a beige boy!"

In his original response, DJ Envy had plenty of jokes of his own before explaining why his string Drive Your Dreams car shows are better than the one Rick Ross is gearing up to host on his Promise Land property.

"You AirBnB you're home," DJ Envy clapped back at the "Aston Martin Music" MC. "Eddie Murphy slept in your bed. They shot Coming to America and Eddie Murphy man-milked your bed."

Envy continued: "We do things for the community. I'm not that guy that's going to charge somebody $500 to get in because I couldn't sleep with myself."

While DJ Envy's next Drive Your Dreams car show goes down this coming weekend on May 28 in Memphis, Rick Ross remains adamant that despite not being approved for an even permit in his Georgia hometown, his car show will still happen and the biggest boss is even going so far as to run for mayor of the small town.

Watch DJ Envy Mock Rick Ross' Past as a Corrections Officer on The Breakfast Club and More of Their Roasting Sessions Below

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