DJ Envy's car show beef with Rick Ross went a little too far especially after Gunplay's family was dragged into the fray. Recently, in a heated phone conversation, Gunplay threatened to slap DJ Envy for mentioning his GoFundMe page for his sick infant during the Rick Ross feud.

On Sunday (May 29), Gunplay shared on his Instagram account a video of his phone call between him and DJ Envy with Charlamagne Tha God as the mediator. In the clip, the former Maybach Music Group artist asked Envy why was his name dragged into his car show beef with Rick Ross.

Gunplay explained that he was angry that Envy mentioned his wife's GoFundMe account, which was posted so they could raise money for his infant daughter who had a heart defect. The Miami rapper then threatened to beat up Envy for his transgression.

"Why you talking crazy ...You know I'll slap the s**t out of you," Gunplay warned Envy.

For his part, DJ Envy apologized for mentioning the GoFundMe page but insisted that he never said anything bad about his infant daughter. However, Gunplay wasn't satisfied and demanded a public apology from him.

"I need a public apology because my wife is affected by that," he stated. "We sat in the hospital for 28 days, homie. That s**t was some real s**t. My wife put that up...she was in panic mode."

"Don't bring my child into this or then we'll gon' be havin' bad blood," he added.

DJ Envy apologized to Gunplay again and promised to make a public apology in order to make things right between him and Gunplay.

However, Gunplay's wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, was not satisfied with DJ Envy's initial apology. She jumped on her Instagram account and posted an angry message, accusing Envy of making fun of her daughter's medical situation and asked where his public apology was.

"To make a joke about a child near fatal situation isn’t funny!!! For you to be a father of SIX you know damn well if anything happened to them you would give your life," he missive began. "My family, my daughter and her GoFundMe had nothing to do with y’all little fake beef. You let these blogs run with a narrative that is completely false and led to so much bs."

Vonshae added that Rick Ross came through a contributed a large donation to help with her daughter's medical bills.

"We were able to get her better insurance, get her equipment, pay off all her deductibles, make sure she can see all these specialists. We’ve thanked him multiple times. Americas healthcare system is F**KED up," she added.

"You was quick to apologize when her father told you he gonna 'slap the s**t out of you' privately. What happened to the public apology my fellow Hampton Alum? You was so quick to akiki online. Stand up. Be a man. If you think Gunplay an issue you haven’t seen this mother upset yet," she concluded.

In her second Instagram post, Vonshae continued to shame DJ Envy for dragging her infant daughter into his "fake beef" with Rick Ross. She added that she's still looking for his public apology.

"How did a comment about a GoFundMe turn to people harassing me and my child," she wrote in part. "The amount of comments that had to be blocked on A CHILDS PAGE. Was because of you. You wanted to try to embarrass Ross by using my family situation which was false."

"You had a week to situate what you said you chose not to. At the end of the day I will go to WAR ABOUT MY FAMILY," she concluded.

DJ Envy has a lot of apologizing to do.

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