Kid Cudi just unveiled one of the most intricately designed tattoos in the game, and it's on the top of his head.

The self-described "Man on the Moon" showed off his new ink in a series of photos he shared on social media Tuesday (April 2). Cudi's ink includes a fantasy-driven celestial world where castles and mountains are guarded by a sign that reads "Keep out." The traditional black-and-white line work is designed by popular Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Dr. Woo.

Cudi's tattoo session took a total of 12 hours across two appointments. The 40-year-old rapper, who released his latest album, Insano (Nitro Mega), in February, dubs his new tattoo "My dreamland."

The Story Behind Kid Cudi's New Head Tattoo

"A view into my mind...✨ @_dr_woo_," Kid Cudi wrote in a caption on Instagram. "2 sessions, 12hrs total. This was something id been wantin to do for some years. My Dreamland, my world, my place, where all is right and peaceful 😌🙏🏾❤️ MAD CRAZY love to THE GENIUS, my brother Woo for always makin time and holding me down. U FUCKIN SNAPPED ✌🏾."

Talk about using your imagination. The design is surrounded by a crown of flowers, which Cudi recently got tatted in early March.

Any fan of Kid Cudi knows he's got lots of tattoos. A moon on his neck, KAWS Companion on his back, woman on his forearm, mock slit wrists dripping blood and a skeleton hand covering his own hand, among many others.

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Take a look at the fantasy world Kid Cudi has inked on his head below.

See Kid Cudi's New Head Tattoo

See Kid Cudi's Flower Crown Tattoo

See Kid Cudi's Skeleton Hand Tattoo

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