UPDATE (Jan. 22):

Kodak Black's attorney has released the following statement to XXL about his motion to have the South Florida rapper's recent drug charges dismissed:

"This is an abuse of discretion to file a charge on an individual that has provided a valid prescription for the very item that as found. All this after the officer misrepresented and said it was cocaine. Clearly it was not cocaine, nothing has happened to the officer who misrepresented the item, and my client was taken into custody due to his misrepresentation."
The statement continues: "The fact that this case has not been dismissed by the Broward State Attorney's Office shows that bias against Mr. Kapri. Anyone else would have had their case dismissed or they wouldn't have filed.  Someone at some point has to recognize that issues that keep coming up with every case filed against Mr. Kapri. Officers' 'mistakes,' agents not disclosing that the original pills were test and came back as Tylenol, a violation for a dirty urine and the lab tech says 'sorry made a mistake.'  Over and over we see errors that wouldn't happen with the average defendant. Now, instead of this matter being handled by the regular prosecutor in the division, a simple possession is assigned to a drug trafficking unit.  It displays the desire to not seek justice but to punitively and vindictively treat Mr. Kapri different than any other defendant."


Kodak Black's attorney reportedly wants the rapper's recent arrest thrown out after authorities changed the drug charges.

Kodak Black Attorney Fights Drug Charges

Kodak Black is currently in a federal detention center awaiting his fate after being arrested on cocaine possession and evidence tampering charges in December of 2023. Now, his attorney is fighting to have the case thrown out. On Monday (Jan. 22), TMZ reported Yak's attorney Bradford Cohen recently filed a motion to have the case dismissed. Cohen is reportedly citing the fact that the substance police labeled as cocaine during the arrest turned out to be prescription Oxycodone upon further review. Now, he wants the entire case thrown at.

XXL has reached out to Bradford Cohen for comment.

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Kodak Black Battles Current Legal Issue

Kodak Black was arrested in Plantation, Fla. on Dec. 7, 2023. Police report they discovered the rapper's 2019 Bentley SUV blocking the roadway. When they investigated the traffic violation, they claim Kodak was asleep behind the wheel and the smell of burnt weed was coming from the car. After returning from checking Kodak's driver's license, the officer claimed they witnessed white powder falling from the rapper and white powder in his mouth. Kodak was booked for cocaine possession and tampering with evidence. He was released a short time later.

On Dec. 12, 2023, Kodak denied he had cocaine the night of his arrest during an Instagram Live session.

"If that s**t ain't me, don't put that on me," Kodak told viewers on Instagram Live. "Don't convict me of some s**t that ain't me. Them people went cocaine on me. That's the only s**t that I'm flaming about...I done told y'all, I did meth before. I ain't into that s**t. I ain't riding around with no cocaine. These people don't have no body-cam, none of that. It's 2023, fam."

Less than a week later, Kodak was taken into federal custody for violating his pre-trial conditions. Police have since officially changed the charge to possession of Oxycodone after further tests proved the substance not to be cocaine. Kodak is scheduled to have a hearing today to determine if his pre-trial conditions will be revoked.

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