Kodak Black attorney is claiming the substance that police labeled cocaine during the rapper's recent arrest turned out to be prescription Oxycodone upon further review.

Kodak Black's Attorney Gives Update on Recent Arrest

On Tuesday (Jan. 9), Kodak Black's longtime attorney Bradford Cohen released a statement via Instagram concerning Kodak Black's recent arrest for cocaine possession back on Dec. 7, 2023. Cohen claims the substance police claimed was cocaine turned out to be prescription Oxycodone after tests were run on it.

"As stated when this new case first was filed, this was not cocaine and the officer was lying about his observations," Cohen's statement reads. "We finally got the lab report. It's Oxycodone that Kodak had a prescription for and not an illegal substance."

The statement continues: "Knowing that the officer substantially misrepresented his observations, the Broward State Atty Office still filed the charges. Unbelievable and it will not be tolerated. This level of abuse of power by the arresting officer is disgusting. We will be seeking a new bond hearing and addressing these unethical practices by the police department."

The Broward State Attorney's Office responded to XXL's request for comment saying Kodak was arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession. On Monday (Jan. 8), the BSAO instead filed formal charges of possession of Oxycodone and tampering with or fabricating evidence.

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Kodak Black Refutes Cocaine Claims

As previously reported, Kodak Black was arrested in Plantation, Fla. on Dec. 7, 2023. Police say they discovered the rapper's 2019 Bentley SUV blocking the roadway. When they approached the car, they claim Kodak was asleep and the smell of burnt weed was emitting from the vehicle. After returning from checking Kodak's driver's license, the officer claimed they witnessed white powder falling from the rapper and white powder in his mouth. Yak was booked for cocaine possession and tampering with evidence.

Back on Dec. 12, 2023, Kodak went on social media and denied he had cocaine the night of his arrest.

"If that s**t ain't me, don't put that on me," Kodak told viewers on Instagram Live. "Don't convict me of some s**t that ain't me. Them people went cocaine on me. That's the only s**t that I'm flaming about...I done told y'all, I did meth before. I ain't into that s**t. I ain't riding around with no cocaine. These people don't have no body-cam, none of that. It's 2023, fam."

On Dec. 17, 2023, Kodak was taken into federal custody for violating his pre-trial conditions. He remains in federal custody. His next court date to determine if his pre-trial conditions will be revoked is set for Jan. 22.

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Check out Kodak Black's attorney's statement about Yak's recent arrest below.

See Bradford Cohen's Statement

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