A judge has dismissed the drug possession charge in connection to Kodak Black's December of 2023 arrest.

Kodak Black Drug Possession Charge Dismissed

On Friday (Feb. 9), a hearing was held to address Kodak Black's attorney's motion to have the charges thrown out. Judge Barbara Duffy sided with Yak's legal team on one count and has dismissed the charge of possession of Oxycodone, XXL confirmed via the Broward State Attorney's Office. The rapper is still on the hook for tampering with evidence and being illegally parked.

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Kodak Black's Attorney Releases Statement

Kodak Black's attorney Bradford Cohen has released the following statement to XXL about the update in the case.

"I am always glad to see a court follow the rule of law on a case," the statement begins. "This case was one that should not have been filed. I tried to explain that to the Broward State Attorneys Office to no avail. It really shows the lack of control the Broward State Attorney has over his divisions, especially the drug trafficking unit. This was a possession case that was charged yet the drug trafficking unit decided to take the case over from the line prosecutor. It's sad to see a special unit so focused on putting a man in jail that they would ignore case law and the head State Attorney would allow such a thing to happen."

Kodak Black was arrested on Dec. 7, 2023 in Plantation, Fla. after cops saw him illegally parked and claimed he tried to conceal a white powder they initially claimed was cocaine. The South Florida rapper was charged with cocaine possession, evidence tampering and a traffic violation for double parking. Tests later revealed the white substance was Oxycodone, which Kodak is prescribed to have. The cocaine possession charge was later changed to Oxycodone possession and has now been dismissed altogether.

Kodak is currently being held in the Miami Federal Detention Center as he awaits a ruling on whether or not the arrest violated his probation.

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Check out Kodak's attorney's Instagram post celebrating the rapper's charge getting dropped below.

See Kodak Black's Attorney Reveal His Motion to Drop Charge Was Successful

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