Kodak Black has a surprisingly morbid response to a fan who says the rapper looks like the Florida Diddy.

Kodak Black Strangely Shuts Diddy Look-Alike Claims

On Tuesday (April 2), Kodak Black went on Instagram Live with popular streamer Adin Ross. During the live chat, which can be see below, a fan told Yak he looked like the Florida Diddy. Kodak didn't take too kindly to that comparison.

"B***h you got me f**ked up," Kodak responded in the video below. "No Diddy. Take that. Take it. I'll smack me a elderly b***h. I might kill me a kid, but I ain't raping. I might kill me a baby, but I ain't raping."

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Kodak Black Accused of Sexual Battery in 2016

Diddy has dominated the headlines for facing multiple sexual assault lawsuits and a reported sex trafficking investigation. However, Yak's comments about the situation seem hypocritical. In 2016, Kodak was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection to an incident with a 15-year-old girl in a South Carolina hotel room. In 2021, the South Florida rapper pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and battery, and was sentenced to 18 months of probation.

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See the video of Kodak Black's morbid response to a fan who says the rapper looks like the Florida Diddy below.

Watch Kodak Black's Response

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