Lil Dicky thinks anyone who hates on Taylor Swift and football player Travis Kelce's relationship is a loser.

Lil Dicky Thinks Swiftce Is a Great American Love Story

On Wednesday (April 10), Lil Dicky was a guest on the New Heights podcast hosted by brothers Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce. During the interview, which can be seen below, Lil Dicky opines on Taylor and Travis' whirlwind relationship and its non-stop coverage in the media.

"Honestly, my take on it, and if you want to spend time talking about it for the 5,000th time, but like I just think there’s something that makes everyone feel like it’s like the world is kind of like high school where like your most popular pop star, like beloved musician, somehow met like your most popular beloved like athlete. And they actually fell in love,” the rapper said around the 1:17:00 mark of the video below.

"And like it’s just real," he continued. "Anyone who like hates on it is like a bitter loser. But I think a lot of people who would maybe expect to hate on it actually love it and they acknowledged they love it, because there’s something so American about it or something. There’s something like just classic about it."

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Lil Dicky Focusing on Music

Lil Dicky is back focusing on music after starring in the FX television show Dave for three seasons. Back in February, FX released a statement revealing the show would not have a fourth season.

"After some back and forth, there are no current plans for a fourth season of Dave right now, as Dave Burd has decided to take an extended break to focus on music and other ventures," FX's statement read. "That does not rule out the possibility of doing something in the future. We love the show and sincerely appreciate the creative excellence Dave, Jeff Schaffer, the cast and crew delivered with every episode. We are excited that our partnership with Dave will continue as he develops future projects for us through his overall production deal with FXP."

See Lil Dicky talking about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's relationship below.

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Watch Lil Dicky on the New Heights Podcast

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