Lil Wayne is seen throwing his hands up in frustration before leaving last night's Los Angeles Lakers game after being stopped by security.

Lil Wayne Incident With Security Guards Captured on Video

On Friday (March 1), TMZ obtained footage that shows Wayne and his crew in attendance at the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Washington Wizards game in L.A on Thursday night (Feb. 29). In the video, which can be seen below, Wayne walks toward his seat. However, as Wayne is making his way to the front row, multiple members of the arena's security tell the rapper to halt. Some words are exchanged before Wayne throws his hands up in frustration and leaves with his crew in tow.

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Lil Wayne Addresses Lakers Game Incident

Just after midnight on Friday, Lil Wayne addressed the incident on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"Wow! Got treated like s**t at the Laker game just now," Tune tweeted below. "But I figured they’d do me that sooner or later either bc of what i said abt [Anthony Davis] or simply bc they don’t fwm which I been got that vibe from em as well so all good I get it. F**k em. It isn’t what it isn’t. I’m used to it."

During a recent appearance on Fox Sports' Undisputedthe Louisiana rapper was adamant that the Lakers should get rid of the team's star power-forward Anthony Davis.

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See video of Lil Wayne leaving last night's Los Angeles Lakers game after being stopped by security below.

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