Lil Wop is opening up about being bisexual and a father to a young son.

Lil Wop Speaks on Being Gay and Having a Son

On Sunday (Nov. 12), Lil Wop, who came out as bisexual last year, shared a couple tweets opening up about being a parent to a young son while also being openly bisexual.

"I’m gay & I got a son mfer that ain’t got s**t to do with my shorty, he gone grow up a real stepper like his daddy," Wop tweeted.

"I’m gone have more kids too, im have like 20," he added in a follow-up post.

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Lil Wop Comes Out

Lil Wop announced he is bisexual last February and later revealed he was transitioning to a woman a few months later. Lil Wop made headlines this past July when he was criticized by then incarcerated rapper Ralo who called Wop a fake woman. Wop later defended himself against Ralo's comments.

"I don’t like how he worded this [thinking face emoji]," Wop wrote on social media. Wop then added: "What's Fake About Being Transgender Though It's Clearly States, Trans-Gender Meaning Your Transition Into The Opposite Sex. S**t Been Normalize For Years."

In August, Lil Wop revealed he has decided to no longer go through with his transition.

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Peep Lil Wop opening up about being a bisexual father to a son below.

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