Lil Wop has revealed that he's no longer transitioning to become a transgender person.

Lil Wop Reveals He Won't Do Gender Transition Anymore

Three months after announcing that he's transitioning from a man to a woman, Lil Wop has now changed his mind. In a series of tweets he posted on Friday (Aug. 18), the Atlanta rhymer announced that he's no longer planning to transition into a transgender person.

"I ain't transition no more the bad b***hes & the trans b***hes need a real n***a like me [smiling with sunglasses and face with look of triumph emojis]," he wrote. "And just to clarify I’m not saying I'm not gay or I'm not gone be dressing up I'm just not fully transition [double pink hearts emoji]."

"I'm gone be a boy to sometimes lol," he concluded.

Lil Wop has also removed photos of himself dressed up as a woman from his Instagram page.

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Lil Wop Reveals He's Bi-Sexual

In February of 2022, Lil Wop, born Louis McPherson, shocked rap fans when he revealed that he was bi-sexual. The Atlanta-based rapper wrote in a since-deleted IG post, "I'm Bisexual I Like Guys & Girls [relieve face emoji, double hearts emoji][.] It’s W.E [face sticking out tongue emoji]."

Last May, Wop announced on his IG page that he's transitioning from a man to a woman. "In The Transition Into Becoming A Full Transgender," he wrote in the caption of photos featuring himself wearing a wig and red lingerie. It wasn't unclear at that time if Wop plans to change his name and he didn't provide his preferred pronouns to call him.

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Lil Wop's Gender Identity Sparks Backlash

Back in July, fellow Atlanta rapper Ralo criticized Lil Wop for transitioning into a transgender person and called him a fake woman. "I know everyone got they lil flaws and desires, but idgaf what drug I do or get laced with my soul won't ever allow me to do no s**t like that. Women are too beautiful to be faked...," he wrote in a tweet featuring photos of Wop as a woman and as a man.

Wop caught wind of his tweet and responded: "What's Fake About Being Transgender Though It's Clearly States, Trans-Gender Meaning Your Transition Into The Opposite Sex. S**t Been Normalize For Years."

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