Mas$e is confident he can average 16 points a game in today's NBA after LeBron James becomes the first person to reach 40,000 points.

Ma$e Insist He Can Average 16 Points Per Game in Today's NBA

On Tuesday (March 5), the lates episode of Cam'ron and Ma$e's It Is What It Is sports talk  show aired. During the episode, which can be seen below, the duo discuss the Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James recently reaching the milestone of 40,000 career points.

"I think the 40,000 points is a remarkable feat," Ma$e admits around the 29:20 mark of the video below. "I just think it's a cupcake league for real. I think in this league, today, if I was in top shape, I probably could average about 15-16. I'm just keeping it real."

"When I didn't make it in my generation, I felt like it was a few n***as that was probably better than me," he adds. "This generation, I feel like I could play with these n***as."

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Ma$e's Basketball Exploits

Ma$e and Cam'ron played basketball at Manhattan Center High School in the early 1990s, where they had success in the city's P.S.A.L. Both rappers' hoop dreams ended at the collegiate level. Cam attended junior college in Texas before dropping out, while Ma$e went to State University of New York at Purchase before suffering a similar fate.

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See video of Ma$e insisting he can average 16 points in today's "cupcake" NBA below.

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