Ma$e and Diddy have finally come to an agreement that will see Puff give Ma$e his publishing rights back, according to Ma$e's former partner-in-rhyme Cam'ron.

Cam'ron Reveals Ma$e Is Getting Publishing Back From Puff

On Wednesday night (Aug. 30), Cam'ron broke the news that Ma$e and Diddy have finally come to a contractual agreement where Puff will return Ma$e's publishing rights. Sharing a video in promotion of his upcoming Lost Files Vol. 1 mixtape, Killa captioned the post: "My n***a [Ma$e] had to sit this one out. He just got his publishing back from Puff. Just finished the paper work for that yesterday. Congrats @rsvpmase while he getting his music back in order, I’m dumping my hard drive pause. The lost files vol 1. Sept 8."

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Ma$e and Diddy's Beef

Ma$e and Diddy have been at odds for years, with the former Bad Boy artist claiming Puff owns his publishing and refuses to give it back. Back in 2020, Ma$e claimed he offered Diddy $2 million to buy back his publishing but the Bad Boy mogul refused. In the last few years, both Diddy and Ma$e have traded shots. Last October, Diddy claimed he had receipts to prove Ma$e owed him $3 million during an interview on The Breakfast Club. Ma$e fired back at Puff over the claims. Now, it appears they've finally settled their monetary differences.

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Peep Cam'ron's post revealing Ma$e is getting his publishing back from Diddy below.

See Cam'ron Revealing Ma$e and Diddy Have Come to an Agreement

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