Ma$e recently gave Cam'ron $20,000 to make up for the 20 years the two of them were at odds with each other.

Ma$e Gifts Cam'ron $20,000 to Make Up for the 20 Years They Weren't Speaking

On Monday (Feb. 5), Cam and Ma$e sat down for the latest episode of their It What It Is sports podcast, and Murda took a moment to shout out the Killa for missing his 48th birthday last Sunday (Feb. 4). Cam noted that he didn't do much this year, but said being on the show every day was a blessing. Ma$e then reached into his leopard jacket and pulled out 20 racks.

"For the 20 years I ain’t seen you," Ma$e said in the video below.

The two rappers then hugged it out, before Cam said he'd likely spend the money on something for Ma$e.

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Ma$e and Cam'ron's Feud History

The It Is What It Is co-hosts worked things out in 2022, but prior to that had been at odds with each other since the late 1990s after Ma$e decided to quit rap and become a pastor. It was unclear what exactly started the beef, but Cam elaborated on their frayed relationship in an interview with the All the Smoke podcast.

"Ma$e gave me an opportunity to get my first record deal," Cam said. "He did a video for me–my first video '357,' which was dope. And then I had another single with him, 'Horse & Carriage,' and he didn’t do that video so my label started gassing me like, 'Yo, why your man ain’t doing the video? He want $50,000 to do the video.'"

"So I started feeding into that s**t," Cam continued. "I’m like, 'Word, this n***a acting funny charging me for the video?' So we kind of fell out over that, got cool again. Then you know, he went to church. I kinda didn’t understand it at the time because that’s my man all day and I’m like, where church come from?'"

In a 2022 interview with Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Ma$e said he deeply regretted his beef with Cam, which he admitted was over money.

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Watch Ma$e gift Cam'ron $20,000 below.

Watch Ma$e Gift Cam'ron $20,000

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