NLE Choppa has no plans to work with Blueface because of the rapper's history of putting his hands on women.

NLE Choppa Says He Won't Do Music With Blueface for Putting Hands on Women to Assualt Them

On Sunday (March 3), NLE Choppa sat for a quick interview with The Shade Room on Instagram, where he spoke about the tense few months he's had with Blueface, and addressed why he decided to allegedly back out of a rumored boxing match against the "Thotiana" rapper.

At one part of the interview, which can be viewed below, Choppa added he had no plans to work with Blueface in any musical capacity in the future because of the latter's tendency to physically hit women.

"One thing that I've grown to understand is treat women the best way you can treat 'em," Choppa said. "I can say, God watching me right now, I've never physically closed-fist assaulted a lady...never punched a woman, never smacked a woman. Never did any of those things. So, when it comes to, would I do music with Blueface? Me, personally, I just wouldn't do it because that's the part I don't respect. I don't really respect people who just put their hands on women physically to assault them."

In regards to backing out of a boxing match, Choppa said he never backed out because the match was never real to begin with.

"That's to say if I wanna fight and we wanna box, I'm gonna do it the right way," Choppa continued. "Like if we boxing I wanna make sure that we could get paper view sales I wanna make sure we can damn near do it in Vegas cause if we was to fight that's a big moment."

Choppa went on to say, "Then Wack 100 was calling my mother, my manager, saying like, 'Ah, they need to chill it out.' So I'm like, 'Is he getting a mediator in between to cut it off? Cause he smart. I didn't know if he was trying to mediate the situation but also still try to take it there to make it look like I'm the one that's backing out. But it was moreso like, what are we really doing?"

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Blueface Claims NLE Choppa Got Cold Feet and Backed Out of Boxing Match With Him

NLE Choppa's interview comes after Blueface claimed on Instagram Live back in January that Choppa got cold feet and backed out of a boxing match with him. Blueface then went on to question whether Choppa was really a Crip gang member. Blueface said that Choppa being a Muslim, vegan and a gang member just didn't make sense to him.

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See video of NLE Choppa saying why he won't do music with Blueface below.

Watch NLE Choppa Say Why He Won't Do Music With Blueface

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