Playboi Carti shocked his fans again, this time over his braided pigtails.

Playboi Carti Posts Strange Video Wearing Braided Pigtails

On Friday (March 22), video surfaced on social media of Playboi Carti showing off his various diamond necklaces and bracelets as well as his facial piercings. While it appears the Atlanta rapper was flexing for the 'Gram, fans took notice of him wearing braided pigtails.

Many people were bewildered as to why Carti is wearing a woman's hairstyle while others were amused at his decision to wear pigtails.

"I’m still giggling at the fact that someone said playboi carti looks like sacagawea," wrote one person on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Another X user typed: "Boy WTF [tears of joy emoji]"

However, there were some people who supported Carti's new look.


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Playboi Carti Wears Thong Bodysuit, Fans React

This isn't the first time Playboi Carti left fans scratching their heads. In February of 2024, photos of Carti wearing a unique outfit surfaced online. The eccentric rhymer was photographed rocking a vest and camo pants. However, underneath his outer layer, he donned a sheer thong long-sleeve mesh shirt, giving the appearance of a thong bodysuit.

The piece of clothing looks similar to one of the designs from the Rick Owens and Champion collaboration. It is not actually a thong Carti is wearing and only appears like one. Carti's fashion choice sparked fans' reactions on social media.

Even Carti's ex-girlfriend Iggy Azalea chimed in with a little joke about his thong bodysuit.

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Check out Playboi Carti's video of himself wearing braided pigtails and fans' reactions below.

Look at Playboi Carti's Video and Photo of Himself Rocking Braided Pigtails

See Fans' Reactions to Playboi Carti Wearing Braided Pigtails

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