Rick Ross is calling DJ Envy a thief and a scammer in a new interview.

Rick Ross Weighs In on DJ Envy Legal Drama

On Monday (Nov. 6), Rolling Stone released a new interview with Rick Ross where he is asked to give his opinion on DJ Envy being accused of real estate fraud along with his former business partner Cesar Pina.

"Yo, that was classic. 'Beige Rage.' That’s DJ Liquidation. DJ Scammer," Rozay weighed in. "Yo, you’re from New York? Did he scam anyone you know?...You sure? You gotta poll all the older ladies in your family because they said they specifically targeted older women who would stay up late at night and order silver jewelry off the TV. You gotta call all your grandmas and aunties. Those real-estate scams … He’s a thief. It’s unfortunate for the older ladies."

XXL has reached out to DJ Envy's attorney for comment.

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DJ Envy's Attorney Responds to Rick Ross Comments

DJ Envy's attorney Massimo F. D'Angelo has provided XXL with the following statement in response to Rick Ross' comments.

"I have served Ross with a cease and desist," the statement reads. "Obviously his claims are completely fictitious and solely based on his long-standing fight with Envy over his competing car show business."
Earlier this year, Ross and Envy publicly traded shots over who had the best car show.

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DJ Envy Fights Real Estate Scam Accusations

DJ Envy's former business partner Cesar Pina was arrested on Oct. 18, and charged with one count of wire fraud, with authorities accusing the entrepreneur of running a multimillion dollar Ponzi scheme disguised as a house-flipping business that DJ Envy helped promote at seminars and on the radio. Cesar Pina has come out and claimed DJ Envy is innocent but not a victim. Envy has maintained his innocence and will fully cooperate with the investigation. He has not been charged.

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