Saucy Santana and DJ Akademiks have begun trading shots online, with both sides throwing around homophobic slurs to get their point across.

Saucy Santana and DJ Akademiks Beef Erupts

The feud began on Monday (Oct. 30), after DJ Akademiks responded to criticism Saucy Santana had directed at him. Saucy wasn't feeling the fact Ak dismissed City Girls' talent, specifically Yung Miami.

"Here on out, man, I wanna let everyone know man I'm cool with the LGBTQ community, but no b***y man like muthaf**kin' Saucy Santana can talk to me n***a," Ak said on his latest livestream. "B***y man" is a homophobic slur in Jamaican patois. "We spit in your face, n***a. Me and you couldn't even have a conversation. You's a c**ksucker n***a. We don't talk to n***as like you. Boy, you need to go get right with God. N***a, go get right with your mentality. Look in that mirror, n***a, and figure out what the f**k going on with yourself."

Ak went on to call Santana a "b***y boy" again, and say that while he doesn't want to "indict" anyone from the LGBTQ+ community, Santana has a "mental illness." Akademiks concluded that he'd "rather be dead" than have sex with a man, and at the end of his lengthy tirade said if Saucy wanted smoke to come through to his headquarters.

Saucy then seemed to respond to Ak's aggression on his Instagram Story.

"You see what type of n***a we dealing with right now?" Saucy said. "Pull up to your headquarters? Headquarters? N***as is in the streets. I wanna meet in the road. Your headquarters? N***a what the f**k is somebody gonna meet you at your headquarters for? That's the problem. See, I'm starting to think that this is your aesthetic. You do the fake internet s**t and then you sit in a room full of muthaf**kin' cameras and try to make a b***h crash out."

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Saucy Santana Criticizes DJ Akademiks for City Girls Criticism

The tense exchange between Saucy and Akademiks comes after Ak delivered a scathing review of City Girls' new album RAW over the weekend. The album debuted at No. 117 on the Billboard 200.

Miami seemingly responded to the dig, but it was Saucy Santana that brought on the internet's attention due to his use of a homophobic slur.

“In the hood and in a lot of urban cultures, when you see boys that are acting feminine, that are being messy, that are being extra and doing f** shit, that’s what you address them as," he said in part. The makeup artist-turned-rapper went on to suggest that Ak was “mov[ing] like a f-g” for picking on female rappers like Yung Miami and GloRilla, who Ak criticized over the weekend due to her beef with Kai Cenat.

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See what DJ Akademiks had to say in the video below.

Watch DJ Akademiks Respond to Saucy Santana

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