Saucy Santana has called out Wack 100 for trying to get another man to beat him up in his ongoing beef with DJ Akademiks.

The Saucy Santana and DJ Akademiks Beef Continues

On Friday (Nov. 3), Saucy Santana jumped on his Instagram Stories to address DJ Akademiks who, during his podcast, watched as Wack 100 called another man to help beat up the Miami rapper.

"Akademiks done went and did a link-up with Wack 100 and another Powder Puff Girl, sitting on a muthaf**kin' couch, face full of muthaf**kin' fear," Saucy said in his video, which you can watch below. "And then you got Wack 100 calling another bisexual boy, like he gonna do something to me! B***h, who? B***h, where?"

"You done left one headquarters, and went to another headquarters, but still ain’t show up in Miami ad I'm not gonna see you no-muthaf**kin'-where," he continued. "So shut the f**k up! And I was gonna leave you alone once you started muthaf**kin' cryin', but since you wanna keep chattin', and you done did a whole bad b***h linkup, I got something for you."

Saucy then aimed his vitriol at Wack 100 for jumping in their beef and instigating a fight between him and Ak by calling another man to beat him up.

"And Wack 100, you a b***h! That’s why he [Akademiks] came and found you!" he yelled. "You a b***h-a*s n***a, too. You're the manager that's in love with Blueface, that was mad because Blueface go with Chrisean, right? That's you. Mad at a n***a about his b***h."

"All y'all [can] suck one," Saucy concluded.

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Wack 100 Calls Another Man to Help Beat Up Saucy Santana

After Akademiks cried about being concerned that the LGBTQIA community would cancel him if engaged in more homophobic attacks against Saucy, Wack 100 came through and presented a solution to his problem.

During an episode of Ak's podcast, which premiered on Friday on his YouTube channel, Wack called a person named Donat and explained that both he and Akademiks couldn't aggressively respond to Saucy Santana because they are straight men, whereas Donat isn’t (he reportedly identifies with being bisexual) and could address the "Walk" rapper without suffering any consequences.

"Saucy Santana said something to [Akademiks], [and] he can’t deal with that," Wack told Donat on the phone. "I need you to run the fade for me. 'Cause he gay. And you know, if we say something, we’re gonna get in trouble. You openly gay. Can you run that fade?"

Donat agreed to run the fade and threatened Saucy that he would confront him at any time.

**XXL does not support or condone bullying and/or violence in any form.

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You can watch Saucy Santana's response to both Wack 100 and DJ Akademiks below.

Watch Saucy Santana Call Out Wack 100 and DJ Akademiks

Watch Wack 100 Call Another Man to Fight Saucy on DJ Akademiks' Podcast

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