Suge Knight is making some serious allegations about Akon raping a teenage girl on Suge's new podcast and ’Kon has responded.

Suge Knight Makes Explosive Claim on New Podcast

On Oct. 24, Suge Knight's new podcast titled Collect Call With Suge Knight aired episode one. During the recorded jailhouse convo, Suge touches on a number of topics including his beef with Akon.

"Let's tell the real truth," Suge said on the podcast. "One of my homegirls, she was a hustler. She has a little sister, 13 years old. Her best friend was 12 years old. She in the car with him. You [Akon] and [producer] Detail call her. She said, 'I got my little sister and her best friend with me.' [Y'all say], 'Let's stop by for a second.'"

Suge goes on to claim that Akon and his associate "basically raped" the girls in the hotel room, with the girls allegedly confessing the act to Suge's "homegirl." The former Death Row CEO claims he told the woman not to go to the police.

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Akon Responds to Rape Allegation

Akon responded to Suge Knight's allegation on Sunday (Oct. 29).

"The world knows a lie when they hear it," Akon posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. "It’s unfortunate that this man is going out like this. It’s sad and seriously embarrassing. Regardless of our history, I’m still going to be praying for him."

XXL has reached out to Akon's reps for comment.

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Suge Knight and Akon's Beef

Suge Knight and Akon's beef dates back to the late 2000s. In February of 2009, Suge Knight was reportedly hospitalized following a brawl with Akon's camp during a NBA All-Star weekend party at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, Ariz. Akon's associate was charged with the assault. A month later, things escalated when an associate of Akon was robbed at gunpoint and told police an issue with Suge Knight is what provoked the incident. Akon most recently addressed the beef with Suge in a VladTV interview in 2020.

Check out Suge's Knight's serious allegations below.

Listen to Suge Knight's Claims Akon Raped a Teenager and Akon's Response

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