Sukihana continues to call out JT for appearing to diss her on the City Girls rapper's new single "Okay."

Sukihana Disses JT

Sukihana refuses to let go of what she concluded might be a diss aimed at her on JT's latest solo single. On Thursday (May 2), Suki took a couple of shots at the Miami rhymer on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"She pretty then a muf*ka but she be doing cocainnnn," Suki posted. She added in a follow-up tweet, "Y’all pray for me nothing wrong it’s just Jt lips use to be so white."

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Sukihana Wants Clarity From JT

Earlier this week, Sukihana initially addressed the JT lyric where the Miami rapper rhymes, "She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missin'/Cheap ass veneers, you stay talkin' s**t."

In 2022, Suki hopped on IG Live to show her followers that she broke her tooth while eating crab legs. So, the Delaware rhymer presumed the line may be about her. She asked for answers from JT in a video she posted on Instagram, which can be seen below.

"I was locked up when the song came out," Suki said on Monday (April 29), referring to her recent arrest for possession with intent to distribute MDMA and codeine. "I came home, on my phone everybody keep tagging me, they tagging Cardi, too, they saying JT was dissing me or Cardi B. She said in the song, ‘A bi**h broke her cheap a** veneers on some crab legs and she always be talking sh*t."

JT has yet to respond to Sukihana.

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Check out Sukihana calling out JT for appearing to diss her on the new song "Okay" below.

See Sukihana Going at JT

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