Sukihana recently shared video of herself taking an emergency contraceptive pill live on Instagram.

Sukihana Pops an Emergency Contraceptive Pill on Instagram Live

On Monday (Dec. 4), an Instagram Live video from Sukihana started making its rounds across the internet. Following what the Miami rhymer refers to as a "long night," Suki pops a Take Action morning-after pill, an emergency contraceptive brand that reduces the chance of pregnancy after having unprotected sex. She explained herself in the process.

"I got pregnant on these a lot of times," Sukihana explains while taking the pill out of the box in the video below. "Baby, I had a long night last night. I ain't gonna lie. But baby, I had took my birth control out, y'all, knowing I'm not supposed to because, really, I'm just fertile myrtle. But, baby, now, I gotta take me one of these."

She continues: "You know what this is? Emergency contraception pill, y'all. And, this not even the one. This one like the generic brand so, hopefully, it works. Because if it don't, baby, b***h finna be pregnant. Gotta do what I gotta do like a real b***h, baby."

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Sukihana Explains Why She Is Taking an Emergency Contraceptive at That Moment

Suki finishes by explaining that it was important for her to take the pill at that moment as the 72-hour time frame for the contraceptive to be effective was about to lapse.

"And guess what," Sukihana says matter-of-factly. "Tonight finna be the 72 hours. It's about to be right there. So, I should've been took this. So, I'm just sayin', like, you got three days. After you get n*tted in, you got three days to take [the pill]."

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In the video clip below, check out Sukihana taking an emergency contraceptive pill live for all of her followers to see and explain her rationale.

Watch Sukihana Take an Emergency Contraceptive Pill on Instagram Live

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