Uncle Luke is disputing Fat Joe's claims that he is responsible for getting Trick Daddy and Pitbull signed to record deals.

On Friday (Dec. 9), Uncle Luke hit up Instagram to sternly refute claims Fat Joe made back in May on an episode of Math Hoffa's My Expert Opinion podcast regarding the careers of both Trick Daddy and Pitbull. The legendary Miami rapper and record executive says despite Joe Crack taking credit during the interview for getting Trick Daddy and Pitbull signed to their first record deals, it was in fact Uncle Luke who first put them on.

"I love Joe but I find this very interesting because I discovered [Trick Daddy]," wrote Luke Campbell accompanied by a video clip of Fat Joe's interview with Math Hoffa. "He [Trick Daddy] did his first song with me as soon as he got off the lock-up and by he stayed with me."

Luke then continued by going into detail with his account of how Pitbull was initially signed.

He continued: "I also discovered [and] signed [Pitbull] to the platinum-selling Luke Records label. He did his first songs with me. Because I’m from Miami, I felt the importance of signing a Cuban rapper so I discovered him off of battle rap tapes. Maybe I’m missing something here I do have the receipts."

Before ending his explanation, Uncle Luke finished his IG post by claiming that he is also responsible for discovering DJ Khaled in the Miami radio world before introducing the God Did producer into the hip-hop mainstream.

"By the way, because you don’t see me all in the videos [and] at the birthday parties, yes, [DJ Khaled], I found him on underground radio, Mix 96, brought him to mainstream radio [on] 99 Jamz, The Luke Show," added Uncle Luke.

Fat Joe's episode of My Expert Opinion, which Uncle Luke seemingly now just caught wind of, dropped back in May of this year. During a conversation about Joey Crack's legacy within the music industry, the iconic Bronx native took sole credit for getting Trick Daddy, Pitbull and others signed to their first record deals.

"Pitbull, I took his demo and got him signed—Fat Joe," the Terror Squad boss told Math Hoffa at the 1:57:06-mark in the video below. "Trick Daddy, I took his shit and got him signed."

As of press time, there have been no immediate responses from Trick Daddy, Pitbull or Fat Joe himself regarding Uncle Luke's pointed callout.

While Uncle Luke, a true hip-hop pioneer in his own right, is upset with Fat Joe's declaration that he put Trick Daddy and Pitbull on game, there's no question that Joe's nose for talent has led to the successful careers of some of hip-hop's most revered artists.

Despite Luke claiming to have discovered DJ Khaled, it was Fat Joe who gave the Grammy-winning executive his first record deal under his own Terror Squad imprint. The "Lean Back" MC is also responsible for discovering rappers such as Remy Ma, Cuban Link, renowned production duo Cool & Dre and, of course, the late Big Pun.

See Fat Joe's Full Interview on Math Hoffa's My Expert Opinion Podcast in the Video Below

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