People on Twitter this week are mad that Westside Gunn wants to steal Doja Cat away from her "weird-looking" boyfriend.

Why Are People Mad About Westside Gunn Wanting to Steal Doja Cat Away From Her Boyfriend?

On Tuesday (July 25), Westside Gunn hopped on Twitter and tweeted that he wanted to steal Doja Cat away from her current partner. In the tweet below, Westside Gunn admitted that he'd like to take the female rapper from her boyfriend and listed how he'd provide her with new life experiences.

"I’m not gonna hold u I wanna steal @DojaCat from that weird-looking gamer dude they be saying racist [laughing emoji]," Westside Gunn's tweet read. "And take her to the hood so she can wear all that krazy s**t, have her eating at DR Birds with a bald head and patent leather sundress, y’all wouldn’t be able to tell me s**t."

Doja's beau, Jeffrey "J" Cyrus has been charged with significant sexual misconduct and has been accused of grooming multiple women. Fans have also found a since-deleted tweet on Cyrus' Twitter from 2016 that suggests he's racist.

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People Aren't Too Content With Westside Gunn's Tweet About Wanting to Steal Doja Cat Away From Her Boyfriend

On Tuesday (July 25), People made furious tweets about Westside Gunn's desire to steal Doja Cat away from her "weird-looking" boyfriend, Jeffrey "J" Cyrus, which can be seen below. Although some of Doja Cat's fans aren't too fond of her new beau due to the racist and sexual assault allegations against him, they did go in on the Griselda Records rhymer for being disrespectful. People didn't like that the Buffalo-based rapper has Hitler as some of his album covers, is over 10 years older than Doja and his approach to the situation, to name a few.

One user typed that Westside Gunn's tweet was expected, especially since Hitler is on the artwork for some of his LPs.

"Now the hitler album covers make more sense," the tweet read. "This was your motive. Sad. God bless."

Westside Gunn responded by insulting the user's profile picture.

"N***a leave me alone lol," Westside Gunn penned in the tweet. "And why tf u taking selfies in the car wit ya seat belt on [face palm emoji] sun came thru the roof and melted that collar turned that s**t to a Z neck."

Another user wrote to Westside Gunn that he doesn't stand a chance with the 27-year-old because she has a specific taste in men. Not only did Westside Gunn criticize the Twitter user, but he also unveiled that he's been taken for 16 years.

"Naaah that’s where u wrong I been with my ol lady for 16 beautiful yrs u goofy," Westside Gunn wrote. "You don’t even know me but wanna open ya mouth we been laughing and playing this whole time but Idiots be thinking I’m serious, but ya collar that’s serious & that baby ass chain u can floss ya teeth wit."

After Westside Gunn's shocking news, a third Twitter user wrote that it was sad for Westside Gunn to be flirting with Doja Cat despite being in a long-term relationship.

Westside Gunn clapped back with the following tweet: "Embarrassing how when I’m joking with her u goofy.. didn’t u just read that I said that in the same tweet your referring to big T shirt lil jersey ass lil boy!!! Let me get this 7kt gold bundle set for $500 looking ass lil boy!!! Y’all be trynna play a GOD it’ll never work [shrug emoji]."

The rapper also blasted some other Twitter users after doing a deep search on their profiles.

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See people react to Westside Gunn's tweet about stealing Doja Cat from her current partner below.

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