Wiz Khalifa almost had Mike Tyson down for the count after he showed him how to do a weed exercise called Kush-Ups.

On Friday (April 7), Wiz Khalifa hopped on his Instagram page and shared a video of his appearance on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson, the iconic boxer's popular podcast on YouTube. In the clip, both Wiz and Mike are joyously smoking weed together.

That's when the show's producer asked Wiz if he could teach Iron Mike how to do a Kush-Up. "He knows how to do Kush-Ups," the Taylor Gang leader responded. But it seemed that Mike needed a refresher course on how to do the smoking exercise.

The stoner rapper begins to teach the former heavyweight boxing champion the weed exercise.

"Do ten puffs but don't exhale," Wiz explained. "1,2, 3, and you don't blow the smoke out."

Mike followed the instructions and inhaled two times before coughing and gagging uncontrollably.

"That was two, that was two," Wiz acknowledged. "So we'll work on the Kush-Ups."

"Yes, thank you," Mike replied as he continuously coughed and tried to catch his breath. "Oh god, help me," he yelped.

Thankfully, Mike recovered and continued to puff the rest of his joint during the interview without any trouble.

In the comment section of his post, Wiz joked about Mike's hilarious coughing episode.

"SMOKIN WIT CHAMP [two sign of the horns, mushroom, purple heart and peace sign emojis]" he wrote in all caps, before adding, "Somebody come help my boy for real [tears of joy emoji]."

Wiz Khalifa comments on his post of Mike Tyson choking off weed smoke.

During the interview Wiz Khalifa and Mike Tyson talk about all things cannabis and whether marijuana legalization will happen in all 52 U.S. states.

Currently, 21 states and the District of Columbia have allow the adult use of recreational marijuana, and 37 states governed cannabis for medical use.

Keep on smoking Iron Mike.

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