Young Guru is blasting Timbaland over the producer's plan to legitimize A.I.-generated music featuring dead rappers.

Timbaland has made it clear he is excited about the musical opportunities that the use of A.I. can bring to fruition. On Thursday (May 18), Jay-Z's trusted engineer Young Guru, who has voiced concerns about A.I. music in the past, called Timbo out on social media for continuing to drive the A.I. train. In the Instagram Story post, 'Ru shared a screenshot of an Okay Player story aggregated from Forbes with Timbaland that is headlined: "Timbaland Wants to Legitimize A.I. Music Featuring Late Legends." The master mixer captioned the pic, "Timbaland, I love you my brother. You know I do. But this ain't it. This is dangerous at a basic level and it's corny. I will be on the side of the Luddites."

In the Forbes interview, Timbaland speaks on how he wants to be the leading force when it comes to bringing the dead back to life via A.I. music.

"It’s going to really be a new way of creating and a new way of generating money with less costs," Tim told the publication. "I’m already here. This is what I’m doing. I’m going to lead the way."

The interview comes on the heels of Timbaland debuting a new Biggie track he produced via A.I. and facing some backlash. Back in April, Guru blasted the popular trend of A.I.-generated songs that seem to be taking over the internet after faux Juice Wrld and Pop Smoke songs went viral.

"People should not be able to take your Name, Image and Likeness without permission. We have to add the voice to this law," he wrote on social media. "We have to learn from past mistakes. You would be a fool to chase every person that is going to do this. We learned that lesson with Napster. The only way I see to deal with it is to change the law. There are so many different opinions. We could change the United States law tomorrow but the internet is world wide. What a time we live in!!"

Universal Music Group is taking a stand against the practice by having A.I.-generated songs removed from streaming services.

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Young Guru calls out Timbaland

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