The 2023 Golden Globe Awards aired last night, and it was super cool to see not one, but two former Michigan residents take home trophies.

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Former Grand Blanc resident Evan Peters won Best Limited Series Actor and former Saginaw resident Paul Walter Hauser won Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Television Movie.

The crazy thing is both actors won for their portrayals of serial killers. Evan Peters won for his role as Jeffery Dahmer in the Netflix series 'Dahmer' and Paul Walter Hauser won for his role as a serial killer in 'Black Bird' (Apple TV+).

Paul Walter Hauser was born in Grand Rapids and raised in Saginaw. Hauser gained national notoriety for his role in the Clint Eastwood-directed movie 'Richard Jewell'. Paul Walter Hauser portrayed the title character and was absolutely fantastic in the role.

As you will see in his Golden Globe acceptance speech, Hauser honors Ray Liotta who he co-starred in 'Black Bird' with. Liotta passed away in May of 2022. Hauser also thanked his wife, his son, and the baby he and his wife are currently expecting.

Pure Michigan talent - congrats to both Paul Walter Hauser and Evan Peters. Let this be an inspiration to any of you with aspirations of making acting a career. For even more inspiration check out the galleries of even more celebrities with Michigan ties below.

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