Taking a stroll through Detroit in the middle of the night isn't something most people outside of the city are willing to do. However, for former police officer, Charlie Moore who used to spend his time patrolling the streets of Detroit, it's no big deal.

YouTuber CharlieBo313 usually films his videos from behind the wheel of his vehicle but every once in a while, he does things a little differently and goes on foot.

While walking through the street of Detroit, Moore quietly minds his own business as he captures his surroundings and experiences on his camera.

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There are moments in this video that are downright creepy and would easily terrify the average person. While it looks scary at times, it's also very sad to see the parts of the city decay before our very eyes.

CharlieBo313 via YouTube
CharlieBo313 via YouTube

After watching the video below, Moore's followers on YouTube had this to say about his latest experience walking through the streets of Detroit late at night.

Charlie is one of the bravest people I've seen. The man doesn't only drive past the hoods but walks through them... Damn!
You better stay in the car
1:37 would be a great setting for a horror video game.
Don't forget - some people have no choice but to live there and walk those streets day and night 24/7. Many are decent people too.
Watch as this former Detroit police officer walks the city's streets late at night.

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