The Keweenaw Peninsula is the northernmost part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and is referred to as the third snowiest part of the country.

With over 80 inches of snow already this season, a news station decided to talk to some of the residents in Keweenaw County to see how they were feeling about all the snow.

They interviewed a couple of residents that had that strong Yooper accent that we all know and love in Michigan. Just listening to these guys talk about all the snow and how they handle it is the best.

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Residents in Keweenaw County get so much snow that they sometimes pack it around their homes for extra insulation.

The gentleman in the video below says that the hardest part is getting the snow off the roof. He said he fell off last year.

The hard part is shoveling the roof off all the time, ya know. Last year I fell off of it. Ya know da snow dare, it's a cushion ya know, and you fall in it and it buries you and you just lay dare and laugh, ya know.

If you've ever wondered what life is like in the northernmost part of the state, then you've got to watch this TikTok video that was posted by Yooper Lad.

This truly is the most Yooper news story of all time.

@yooperladofficialThose accents though 😳 #yooper #up #upperpeninsula #906 #snow #marquette #mqt #puremichigan #sharenmu #lakesuperior #accents #midwest #michigan♬ original sound - Yooper Lad


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