We're all guilty of becoming a regular at restaurant or bar and never venture out to other places that have been in our communities forever or even just opened.

Where are the best places to eat in Saginaw County, MI?

  • The places I've highlighted below specialize in unique flavors. They take pride in homemade dishes, excellent presentation or the ambiance that fits your mood (and maybe that means deep fried mini-tacos and a game of pool). Breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch are covered in this list of 11 must-try spots in Saginaw County, MI.
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Which bars and restaurants are the best to take friends in Saginaw County?

  • The list of bars & restaurants, below, could be your new bucket list. Challenge yourself to try each of these spots around the county over the course of a year. A couple tips before you head out:
    • Check menus ahead of time if entertaining friends from out of town.
    • Take your family & friends that 'never try anything new' or always say 'there's nothing to do around here,' 'there's no good restaurants around here' (grammatical error intended), or 'it takes too long to drive there.' Make those your dining crew.
    • Try something new or ask for their most famous/popular menu items/drinks.
    • Make a note of the spots you love and tell everyone you know.

Some big-name places were left off the list. It's no slight to those businesses. These spots were chosen for their longevity, creativity, their new-er status, cozy/inviting atmosphere or maybe because people have forgotten they're still around.

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