Superfans of 1980s fast-food nostalgia in Michigan might know the origins of an interesting, almost secret, new restaurant.

Maybe you've heard rumors of McDonald's opening a new concept?

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Is McDonald's opening a new restaurant named CosMc's?

It's true, but why the name CosMc's?

Origin stories happen in movies and fast-food, too. Let's go back to 1987 to learn about Cosmc in McDonald's-lore.

Ronald McDonald and friends discover Cosmc before a picnic. Cosmc liked to "trade" things.

Then, attempted to leave for space (?) and Ronald's "McMagnet" pulls him back... to the picnic.

It seems like a very obscure historical nugget in McDonald's history, right?

What will CosMc's serve?

According to some sneak peek pics it looks like coffee drinks, sweet drinks, sweet treats, pretzel bites and more.

There's a Spicy Queso Sandwich that sounds fantastic... and the trusty Egg McMuffin is offered, too.

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We should point out -- it has four drive-thru lanes. They're clearly planning to move people through quickly.

Where will CosMc's be located?

Right now, Mickey D's is testing the waters in Bolingbrook, IL. If this works well, you can bet they'll expand to Michigan at some point.

We love our fast-food here.

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