Cedar Point guests got a different kind of thrill ride when the park's legendary Magnum XL-200 coaster stopped mid-ride, forcing them to climb down 200 feet of steps to safety.

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What are the Details?

The incident occurred Monday (7/31) as the ride neared the top of the first hill. The video below shows the coaster ascending, and then coming to a halt. Riders then waited nearly 30 minutes before the evacuation process began.

Tony and Laina Cafego were visiting Michigan from Alaska. As a tribute to Tony's mother who had passed away about a month earlier, they decided to do some fun things in Detroit and then gathered their family in Sandusky at Cedar Point.

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Tony isn't a fan of rollercoasters but it was Laina's goal to ride each of Cedar Point's 17 coasters that day. She tells WTVG that she knew there was a problem almost immediately.

"Right when it stopped, I actually said out loud 'Uh, is this supposed to happen?' and the lady in front of me was like 'Shhh don't say that.'"

Cafego, who was on the ride with her stepson said there was some confusion before park employees came to their rescue and told them they would have to walk down the safety steps.

"The hardest part was trying to get out of your seat because you're at such an angle," she said. "My legs are still sore from that walk down."

Routine Stoppage

Cedar Point officials called the incident routine and said the stoppage was part of its standard safety protocol.

Guests who were stranded on the coaster were compensated with a pass to let them jump to the front of the line on another ride that day.

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