Grand Blanc residents aren't backing down on having their voices heard regarding the future of the now abandoned golf course on Perry Road. Once again the plans for the former The Jewel will be presented, and locals are ready to respond.

Back in January that the new owners of The Jewel, Statewide Management, LLC., based out of Macomb Country, Michigan, had hinted at plans for the property. At that time Grand Blanc City officials had indicated that new owners have discussed changes including developing the north side of the existing property by omitting 9 holes of the playing course.

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Last month plans surfaced revealing that the company is planning to add 124 new single-family homes and condominiums to the once-popular golf course location. With that announcement also came plans do omit part of the once popular public golf course and it hasn't really set well with homeowners that had enjoyed having their homes situated on the course.

During last months Grand Blanc Planning Commission meeting, many residents voiced their thoughts over the proposed project citing concerns over raising concerns about property values, traffic and infrastructure. Tonight, Monday September 19, the commission will meet again and residents along the the GBPC will hear adjusted plans by the current owners.

According to ABC12, the new plans call for the building of 52 residences on a new street to be added along the west side of Genesee Road north of Perry Road. That development will be called Queen's Meadows. Along with that, an additional 91 homes would be built on the east side of Genesee Road in a neighborhood called Queen's Highlands.

Those wishing to hear the full plans can attend the planning commission meeting scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. at Grand Blanc City Hall.

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