If you've been Up North to the legendary Torch Lake just Northeast of Traverse City, you know it looks like you're somewhere near the Equator!  No other Michigan lakes appear as clear & tropical as Torch Lake.

According to the Torch Lake Township website, it's about 2 miles across with an average depth of 111' feet and 285 feet at its deepest point -- making it the deepest inland lake in Michigan.

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Swimming in Clear Waters

But what makes Torch Lake so clear?  Ancient history, believe it or not. It was carved out during the last Ice Age.  Glaciers flow and move--As they pick up rocks, boulders, etc. Think of sandpaper smoothing out the edges of everything around & under it as it moves.  Forbes did a story on Torch Lake a few years ago discussing the "fine glacial till" left behind by glaciers.  The bottom of the lake is a lot like the Caribbean -- full of limestone and not many "particles" to cloud up the water.  It really is like Michigan's own tropical paradise (a few months of the year)!

While Torch Lake and its community are known for the party-barge sandbar, the area is known as a Michigan Celebrity hang-out, too.  Kid Rock, Eminem and Michael Moore to name a few.  There's a great organization dedicated to conserving the beauty of Torch Lake with the goal of keeping its beautiful blue waters, blue (conservetorch.org). Algae is sometimes a problem due to run-off from lawn care and boaters & visitors are urged to wash boats with hot water to prevent invasive aquatic life from getting into Torch Lake.

Fun Fact: Torch Lake got its name from Native American tradition of using torches to attract fish at night.

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