As someone who drives throughout West Michigan, I feel like we are all well aware of how crazy it can be when you are on the roads.

I asked listeners what are the West Michigan cities that are the worst to drive through.

Let's just say, the answers are hilarious.

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What Are The Worst West Michigan Cities To Drive Through?

From the Facebook posts, we have several answers.

snow in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids was added to the list. I would have to agree with this person's issues with the drivers here.

"Grand Rapids! People just don't know how to drive!"

Yes, the infamous S-curve was mentioned. I do not understand the issue with driving on the S-curve.

"131 NB (S-curve) in GR, during morning drive."

Also, it seems like Holland may be a terrible city to drive in as well.

"I really hate driving in Holland lol"

There are 5 Kalamazoos in the U.S.

Kalamazoo was another city that was mentioned a few times. Many people shared that driving through Kalamazoo is simply confusing.

"One-ways, student drivers, potholes, red lights that take forever, useless roundabouts."

It gets worse. According to this Facebook user, Kalamazoo drivers mostly drive under the speed limit. I need them to do a tad bit better.

"and the times I have driven in Kalamazoo most people drive about 5 to 10 miles an hour below the speed limit."

What was the number one city?



Melissa shared her experience driving through Muskegon.

"Trying to get on 1-96 from 31 going west in Muskegon has taken many years off my life lol"

So at this point, it seems like all of West Michigan is terrible when it comes to driving through the cities.

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