J. Cole's new album 'Born Sinner' 2013 is pushed back from the January 28th, 2013 release date.  No one who follows hip-hop closely expected the album to drop on the first release date given. Rappers always give out dates and never stick to them.  We expected this Mr. Cole.

While getting ready for this performance at TAO in Las Vegas for New Years Eve, J. Cole revealed the sophomore album, 'Born Sinner' was not releasing on January 28th, 2013.  When asked by reporter Xixi Yang if the sophomore album was releasing on the 28th, J. Cole responded by saying,

"Nah, its not going to make January 28th."

"It will be a little later than that."

"I still need more time."

J. Cole wanted to release his sophomore album on 1-28-13 because the date is connected to his birthday.

There was little to no promotion of the debut single 'Miss America' which hasn't produced any visual treatment.  I can't wait to hear some new music from Mr. Can't Get Enough but I hope he takes his time and make a classic record.