Two years after the Fyre Festival controversy, Ja Rule stands by the idea that it was a dope concept.

On Wednesday morning (June 5), Ja appeared on Power 105 The Breakfast Club to speak on various projects and the Fyre Festival disaster. The former Murder Inc. artist, who co-founded the festival with Billy McFarland, made it clear where he stands on the matter.

“Here’s the real shit,” Ja said. “Yes, my brother supported me. The Fyre Festival was an amazing idea. Let’s not act like every fucking body wasn’t coming to the Fyre Festival.”

Although the outcome wasn't what he wanted, Ja feels like the concept of the festival had all the right ingredients for success. “It was fucking done wrong,” he said. “It was organized bad. The idea of it was dope, the marketing was dope, everything was done very right on that end. The execution was extremely bad, man.”

Despite complications with the festival and the subsequent backlash, Ja said that he plans to give a try another with the festival, just with a different name and better planning.

“I’m getting calls from the biggest muthafuckin' niggas who do festivals in the world," he said. "Sure, I would like to do another festival and do it right, because that’s what I intended to do in the first muthafuckin' place.”

Although Ja thought the Fyre Festival was a dope idea, some fans on Twitter disagreed.

"He’s clearly delusional and living in his own little head," tweeted one person. "Those poor people who spent thousands of dollars to get ripped off and the hundreds of workers who will probably never see a dime! Disgrace."

Another user wrote, "Ja Rule right. Fyre Festival was an amazing idea but the people behind it were amazingly mentally incapable and, dear I say it, friggin retarded."

Read more fans' heated reactions to Ja Rule's bold claim about the Fyre Festival below. We also included his interview with The Breakfast Club. Fast forward to the 17-minute mark for Ja's comments about the Fyre Festival.

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