Last week, Eminem once again threw some shots at Ja Rule when he dropped off his diss track aimed at Machine Gun Kelly, "Killshot." While some would be discouraged by getting another verbal jab from Em, Ja actually thinks it affirms his status as an all-time great. Jumping onto his Instagram account just a couple days ago, he pointed to Em's latest diss as proof he's hip-hop's LeBron James.

"The more Em Mentions my name the more I realize how fucking LEGENDARY I am... I was killing the game so hard that all the biggest rappers in the industry (at the time) joined forces to dethrone the God... lmao..." Ja writes in the caption for an IG post dated Sept. 15.

He continues, "[In] the history of hip hop name another time that has happened let alone accepted... and I handled it like a MAN on the MIC and in them STREETS lol... my music is TIMELESS... love and peace to everybody!!! #Iconn #LebronJamesofthisrapshit #itshardtobeatgoldenstate."

Taking things back in time just a bit, Em previously dissed Ja on tracks he dropped nearly 15 years ago. Then, of course, he name-dropped Ja once more on "Greatest," a track from his Kamikaze album. As we said up top, Em name-dropped Ja once more on "Killshot."

“You ain’t never made a list next to no Biggie, no Jay/Next to Taylor Swift and that Iggy hoe, you about to really blow/Kelly, they’ll be putting your name/Next to Ja, next to Benzino—die, motherfucker!/ Like the last motherfucker sayin’ Hailie in vain," Em raps on the track.

Getting back to Ja's LeBron parallel. It's definitely an unexpected one, but depending on how you remember the mid-2000s, it's probably not the biggest reach. If you recall, Ja had a pretty epic streak of platinum singles and successful albums about 14 years ago. Around the peak of his commercial powers, though, he got into a beef with 50 Cent, Eminem and other Shady Records associates in a conflict many believe to have ended Ja Rule's reign.

In Ja's world, he's LeBron James without Kyrie Irving, and 50, Em and Shady Records were the unfairly stacked Golden State Warriors. It's definitely a creative reference.

In any case, check out Ja Rule's LeBron comparison below.

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