Jaden Smith season approaches, and when it finally arrives, fans will be able to experience it via Instagram.

Using his Twitter account yesterday (July 5), Jaden revealed that his newest project, which he has said will be titled Syre: The Electric Album, will hit his IG on July 8. That's this Saturday. "The Album Drops In 3 Days On My Instagram. #SYRELand," tweeted the young superstar.

Mr. Smith's announcement comes two weeks after he unloaded his video for "Ghost," a visual that finds the rapper-actor hitting the streets of Tokyo. The track could belong to his upcoming LP.

It's unclear what an IG release will mean for how Jaden's sophomore LP will be listened to. It's probably safe to assume the tracks will be played in videos uploaded to his official account, though.

Jaden is obviously no stranger to working his Instagram account. For his debut album, titled Syre, the rapper turned his page into what was pretty much a showcase for snippets from the album and videos supporting it. So maybe he's just doing that this time too, except including entire songs. We'll have to wait and see.

Check out Jaden's tweet below.

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