Do you guys remember Jay Sean? You know, that guy who sang the song ‘Down’ that goes a little something like “Baby are you down, down, down down down? / Doooooown, dooooown.” Good. Now that you’re all caught up on our singing skills, we’re here to inform you that he’s back, along with Tyga, with a new video for his track ‘Sex 101′ and it’s a complete 180 from ‘Down.’

The video opens up with women lip synching “sex 101″ a million times, and finally Jay Sean shows up and struts around the inside of what could only be described as a brothel, since there are random half naked girls everywhere. But more importantly, Jay Sean and his lady friend get up close and personal with the touching as he sings, “I wanna take you home / Are you coming? / Get right to the point with my lovin’ / You learning something new for the night / I can do you right / I can change your life.”

Other highlights of the vid feature the singer in bed with two lingerie clad women and then hey, whattdya know? Tyga shows up in hologram form rapping his verse! It’s no Tupac hologram, but it’ll do. And let’s not forget the steamy shower scene with Jay Sean and a woman — sadly, hes wearing a button down shirt that doesn’t come off until the very end. And we see… nothing. Shame.

Watch the Jay Sean ‘Sex 101′ Video Feat. Tyga