So many rumors are swirling around Jay Z and Beyonce's marriage.  Singer Akon believes their marriage is more corporate than romantic.  Can we leave this couple alone?

Every since the elevator attack on Jay from Solange, speculation has been at an all time high about a possible divorce.  The super couple has yet to publicly acknowledge the rumors and probably will overlook the rumors.  I think they should keep making money and enjoying each other.

Singer Akon recently told TMZ he feels the relationship comes off as corporate instead of romantic.  Akon goes on to say,

"Their relationship has been more of business to the outside world than an actual relationship.  To them it maybe relationship, but it was presented to the world and it feels more corporate."

I truly believe that all romantic relationships have difficult moments.  The success stories come from the ability of both parties to overcome those moments.  I hope that one day the media and the public will let me people be great.