Today is a special holiday - it’s Blue Ivy Carter’s sixth birthday (Jan. 7)! In celebration of his daughter’s B-Day, JAY-Z released the visual to "Blue’s Freestyle/We Family," one of the bonus tracks featured on the CD version of his Grammy-nominated album, 4:44.

The cute animated clip features the Carters sitting in the audience while they watch their eldest daughter performing at a recital. Dressed in a tutu and ballet shoes, Blue Ivy strikes a pose before the classical music stops and she grabs the mic to spit her fiery bars from the song.

Beyoncé and JAY look shocked at their daughter rapping while the crowd is cheering and celebrating Blue Ivy's microphone skills. It's an adorable video to say the least.

If you recall, when the song initially dropped back in July 2017, it left the internet in shock and awe. No one knew she had hella bars, well, when you can understand what she's saying anyway.

"Never seen a ceiling in my whole life," Blue Ivy spits on the track, before she ends it with a hard line of "boom-shaka-lakas."

The clip follows JAY-Z's star-studded visual for "Family Feud," which also featured Blue Ivy.

You can watch “Blue’s Freestyle” video in its entirety at Tidal.

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