Jay Z told CNN that he would be cool with paying more taxes, if the money went towards worthy causes.

These are big words coming from a man who made more money than Jesus last year.  Jay has even shared a small support for the Occupy movement by distributing his 'Occupy All Streets' shirts.

See what 'Hov' had to say in his interview.

Jay Z is in the wealthiest one percent, but said:

“I wouldn’t mind paying more taxes if it went to the things that really mattered. If it went to education, to people in poverty, if it went to the right things, I wouldn’t mind.”

This is a big statement coming from one of the richest hip-hop artists in the rap game. He has plenty of money to give back. According to Forbes, Jay-Z earned $37 million within the past year alone. He will certainly double those earnings next year thanks to his collaborative album ‘Watch the Throne’ with Kanye West and their accompanying sold-out tour.

Nevertheless, Hov would like to see an “open accounting” of where the tax dollars are going, so that way, it would ease the minds of wealthy who grumble at the idea of paying higher taxes.

“I think most people with a conscience, with some integrity and moral fiber wouldn’t have any problem paying more taxes."

Jay-Z is also supportive of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement that’s happening worldwide. “It’s a good thing that young people are getting out and getting their voices heard,” he says. “Especially in this time of social media where the argument on the block or that thing that would take place in a small neighborhood is now being viewed globally. You get to recognized the power of your voice.”